How to Grow Sales - 10 Tips

Winning new customers is at the heart of most businesses to make sure they are going forward and will have a strong and secure future.

  • 1 - Plan a Strategy
  • Make sure you have a plan to identify who you want to target, the best way of contacting those people, how much time and money that will take, and how you are going to deal with the new enquiries. It can be a simple plan, but make it an stick to it.

  • 2 - Don't Lose Existing Customers to Win New Ones
  • If you aren't careful you can easily take your focus off existing customers with the efforts you're putting in to win new ones. This needs to be in the plan to make sure you can still keep everyone happy.

  • 3 - Keep Your Sales Messages Consistent.
  • Your Website, emails, social posts and any other communication needs to have a consistent theme and the same messages. Take a little time to review everything which is being sent out, from email sugnatures, quote documents and even invoices. The consistency will make you look more professional.

  • 4 - Identify Your USP
  • What is your Unique Selling Points, why are your current customers using you and use this as the key part of your sales pitch. It may be your great customer service, fast deliveries, high stock levels, years of experience or market knowledge. Whatever it is make this front and centre of your sales messages

  • 5 - Increase Sales from Existing Customers
  • You already have a relationship and they have a trust in you. Build upon these relationships to grow sales. A 10% increase in existing customer sales will have a massive effect on sales income.

  • 6 - Run Promotions for New Customers
  • Attract new customers with promotions or special offers to start to build new relationships. Obviously you need to be careful that you don't upset existing customers will deals that they can't get.

  • 7 - Use Social Media Regularly
  • Keep adding good and relevant content to social media so your company has a good presence there. Even businesses who don't use social media to advertise will see their website ranking improve with active social accounts.

  • 8 - Look at Old Customers
  • Often reconnecting with old customers can be very fruitful. Many times he relationships end when a new contact leaves and the new one doesn't know who you are. A phone call can start the relationship up again.

  • 9 - Good Email Marketing
  • When it's done well email marketing is great at generating sales. A well designed and relevant email, with call to actions will encourage new users to engage with you and start the sales process.

  • 10 - Don't Give Up
  • Sales can sometimes be a frustrating and time consuming exercise, but when it goes well the benefits are really worth it. Keep going and the returns will come.

Sales Tips for New Customers
  • Dec 2021
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Sales Tips for the 2020's.

Technology is changing rapidly and giving new ways to promote products and services all of the time.

Most businesses selling to other businesses will need to combine different marketing approaches to create to most opportunities to create awareness of their company. This is going to be a mixture of website and SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and alos Telemarketing. The percentage of each will vary from business to business.

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