Do you need a CRM System?

This is going to depend on the size of your sales team, the number of enquiries you're trying to handle and how much repeat business you get.

In its simplist terms all CRM systems are tools to organise your time and activities and to save you having to remember which sales leads need to be followed up when.

However most are also really useful at tracking where your enquiries are coming from and who are your best customers.

For most smaller companies a CRM may be seen as too much of an expense, but if they are implemented and used properly they can add real value to the business and the extra revenue will pay for them.

The issue many businesses have with CRM, is that they set it up but then don't use it properly or use it occasionally. So the data it contains is out of date and isn't trusted - which means it get used less and less and then gets even more out of date. If you are going to invest in a CRM system it needs to be at the centre of your daily sales activities and so it stays current and accurate.

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