How to Make a Cold Call - Tips and Tricks.

Cold calling is when you make a phone call to a person or business to introduce the products or services which you company sells.

Many people dislike doing it, avoid doing it wherenever they can or have a go for a little while before giving up.

Here are some simple tips from a company who has spent the last 25 years delivering telemarketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes and from many business sectors.

  • Get Yourself Prepared
  • You may feel you know your business inside out and can talk about it at length, but having some of the key features you need to get accross on some notes in front of you will help keep you focused.

  • Think Through Answers to Objections
  • There will be a number of reasons a contact may try to put you off - they are happy with their current supplier, they have contracts in place, they feel mthey are getting the price - have some counter arguments to each of these. If they are happy with their current supplier, ask if they would consider trialing your product alongside theres to compare them.

  • Don't Just Send Emails
  • Emails are great, but they can get lost in someones inbox, by all means send an email, but also say you'd like to call back to talk the offer through.

  • Try to Have a Conversation
  • Have some open questions to engage the contact in a conversation so they are giving you information and you are responding to it, rather than blasting them with a scripted sales pitch.

  • Solve a Problem they Have
  • People buy solutions to problems, if in your conversation you can identify their problems, you can tweak your call to help them solve it.

  • Don't Give Up
  • Don't get dis-heartend after a few negative calls, keep going it will be worth it.

Cold Calling
  • Dec 2021
  • Projects Marketing Team

Winning customers through cold calling in 2022.

Cold calling and telemarketing has got harder in the last few years, with more people working remotely and some businesses comunicating more by email and messaging services then phone.

However, cold calling means you get a chance to have a proper conversation with people and get to understand their needs in more ways than email can. You can stay in touch with contacts to make sure you are in their thoughts when they next make a purchase and that has a real advantage in any sales situation.

Many of our campaigns are now running combinations of phone calls, email marketing and social media campaigns to get the best options to engage prospective customers.

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