How to Improve you Website Ranking on Google - Tips and Tricks.

Getting a good website ranking is important if your website to be found by prospective customers.

Some elements of SEO are really complex and take lots of skills and knowledge, but there are simple tactics which can be done by anyone which can make a big difference to your ranking

The quick tips are shown below to higher Google ranking are listed below.

  • Check out your Page Titles
  • Make sure the name of your page is relevant to what you do. Many sites are set up with titles such as "home", "products" and "services" - change them to tell Google what you do

  • Name you Images
  • Lots of website and web designers name their images with titles to help the designer. Names such as logo, background, person1 etc. This makes the web design easier, but doesn't let Google know ything about the picture. Names that describe the image or the product or service gives Google much more to go on.

  • Add Alt Tags to Each Image
  • Alt tags on images are there so Google can give audio descriptions to those using accesibility features. However it is also a really good way of getting more description keywords into your webpage and again helping Google to understand it more.

  • Choose Relevant Keywords
  • Keywords are the words that searchers will use to find a company offering your products or services. These words and phrases need to be prominent on your site and in the webpage name and also any text titles.

  • Submit your pages to Google
  • There are free tools provided by Google which will check if your pages are being indexed and can be found - this page Google Search Console has some great tools to check how your website is being ranked for free.

  • Change and add you your pages frequently
  • Google looks to present its searchers with relevant and up to date content. Their logic is that those who are frequently updating their sites and adding information and blogs are most likely to respond to enquiries and so they rank them higher.

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