How to Win More Sales from Each Sales Meeting.

With over 25 years of experience in promoting business products and services, we have seen all types of sales people and thousands of sales approaches,some of which work and some whioh don't.

There are plenty of on-line resources and training programmes with lots of sales techniques and advice, this is just a few simple pointers wich can make a big difference.

  • Arrive early so you have time to compose yourself
  • Some people may be fine at rocking up with seconds to spare, running accross the car park and throwing themselves straight into the meeting. If you are new to sales give yourself some extra time to compose yourself and prepare for the meeting before you go in

  • Do some preparation beforehand
  • Simple website checks to find out what a company does, who's running it, how many sites they have and the background of the person you're meeting give you a good insight and understanding of the company and stop you looking silly if they ask questions.

  • Have your introduction planned
  • At some stage in a sales meeting someone is going to ask..."tell me about your company.." or something very similar. You should have a pre-prepared answer to this so you can get into a simple flow and describe your business, how good it is, how many achievements it's won and its notable clients.

  • Bring in relevant case studies
  • Taylor what you say to show how well you've worked with similar businesses - whether that's the industry sector or simply the size of the customer. Purchasers like to have the confidence that you can deliver results.

  • Have a conversation not a sales pitch
  • Even if you are doing a PowerPoint style presentation, make sure you're asking questions and involving your contact, it will become far more tailored to the prospective clients' needs that way.

  • Get commitment to the next stage in the sales process.
  • So many sales people end their meeting by saying they'll send a proposal and catch-up the next week. Instead, ask them to go to the next step, either placing an order, booking a planning meeting with their colleagues, setting up a sit vist whichever is applicable. This way you move the sale forward and if they are resitant you have the chance to ask them why.

Lead Generation

How have these tactics helped me?

I've used these simple steps for many years, having a good brief about the company I'm visiting, being early so I'm calm and having relevant case studies to showcase our work - these have really helped me to close more sales.

Most importantly is not ending a meeting without the next stage commitment. Sending propsals puts you into a cycle of chasing the contact the next week who then says they haven't read and to call back in a week... this can go on for months. Taking the opportunity to move things forward while you're in the meeting gets the sale moving to the next stage more quickly and isn't an agrresive sales tactic that's going to offend anyone.

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