Dave Griffin

Telemarketing Team

One of the longest serving members of the team and a big character in the office, Dave has specialised in employer engagement for Universities and Colleges. He has developed an in-depth understanding of the KTP programme and the funding criteria which supports it.

An excellent communicator, he can deliver an unscripted telemarketing campaign to senior decision makers, making a business case for having a meeting and using case studies and examples to demonstrate the key benefits of a product or service.


David Griffin AKA Pig

Years at Projects

5 years

Specialist Sector

Universities, Colleges and Training

Previous Job Roles

Psychiatric Nursing Assistant

Quirky skill

Speaks Dutch

Hobbies and interests

Making music, Photoshop

What do you love the most


Favourite Food

Fish and chips

Favourite Film

The Wizard of Oz

Favourite Drink

Red wine 

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