Harriet Hippo

Motivational Office Mascot

Ok, so we don't have a stuffed pink Hippo working the phones, but she does play an important part of the sales games that are needed to keep the office dynamic and innovative.


Harriett Hippo

Job Role

Moral Support

Years at Projects

3 years

Specialist Sector (if any)

Training courses and environmental services

Previous Job Roles

Child Cuddling at Toyrs R Us, 

Quirky skill

The power of silence at all times and consistently wins at staring contests!

Hobbies and interests

Smoking, Drinking & Ballet dancing

What do you love the most

Her hubby; Hubert

Favourite Food

Preferably pork pies or sausage and mushroom sandwiches. Though trying out the grass diet right now due to her sizeable middle!

Favourite Film

Born Free

Favourite Drink

Gin and Tonic

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