Jodie Cockerill

Telemarketing Team

One of the longest serving members of the Projects team, Jodie has been instrumental in helping the business to grow and develop. With a bright and outgoing personality, Jodie builds long term relationships with clients and delivers successful telemarketing campaigns across a range of business sectors.

With this amount of experience comes the skills and knowledge to talk past receptionists and PAs and have detailed, meaningful and unscripted conversations with the key strategists within a company.


Jodie Cockerill

Years at Projects

10 years

Specialist Sector

Manufacturing, Payroll/Finance, Facility Management

Previous Job Roles

Travel Agent, Business Travel Consultant

Quirky skill

Touch my nose with my tongue, has a tendency to speak in funny accents.

Hobbies and interests

Spending money I haven’t got lol Shopping, Eating Out, Spending time with Friends & Family, Sleeping, Watching TV

What do you love the most

The Sun, Holidays, My Daughter

What do you like to do in your spare time


Favourite Food

Cookies from the fridge & Fajita.

Favourite Film

Aww tricky there’s so many but I am a bit of a fan of anything horror!

Favourite Drink

Diet Coke…. With a splash of Bacardi lol

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