Michelle Slater

Telemarketing Team

Being one of the longest serving members of the team, Michelle has a wealth of experience to deliver successful telemarketing campaigns across a wide range of business sectors. Having mostly specialised in the delivery of Facility Management and University Employer Engagement campaigns, Michelle understands the need to track large value contracts and gather and update contract renewal information.

Having worked in the telemarketing industry for so many years, Michelle is able to inform receptionists and PAs of the importance of her calls to get past them and talk to the key decision makers, even in large Blue Chip organisations.


Michelle Slater

Years at Projects

10 years

Specialist Sector

Facility Management, Training and Universities

Previous Job Roles

Hospitality, healthcare

Quirky skill

Donald Duck and Tina Turner impressions

Hobbies and interests

Crafts and using creativity.

What do you love the most


Favourite Food


Favourite Film


Favourite Drink

A nice half a lager and lime

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