Apprenticeship Telemarketing Generating New Clients for Apprenticeship Delivery Partners

The Objective

The Apprenticeship Programme is a fantastic training and development route for businesses and employees, however it is also a highly competitive market, with many colleges, charities and commercial companies all providing the service. 

The Projects team have a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in delivering telemarketing to apprenticeship providers, giving high quality appointments. 

By focusing the calls on a conversation and not a sales pitch, the appointments are always of a high quality and have over 80% sign up rates. 

This provider had gaps in certain programmes and wanted Projects to work closely with the college team to fill these. Each week a spreadsheet was sent to highlight the programmes needed and that gave the Projects team a focus for the campaign. 

This close liaison enabled the college to fill their programmes and not have some over-subscribed ones and others at uneconomical levels. 

Within a few weeks of starting the campaign the college was seeing significant increases in its sales income.

The Brief

Utilising the specialist Apprenticeship Telemarketing team at Projects this college wanted support to fill its delivery programmes. 

Whilst the college had an excellent reputation, it was losing market share to other colleges and commercial providers and also had a number of programmes that were not cost effective due to the small number of trainees. 

The brief to Projects was simple - target companies within a 10 mile radius of the campus, to build awareness of the brand, introduce the options of running an apprenticeship programme and for those who were interested to book a face to face meeting to sign up candidates. 

The college provided lists of their programmes with the fewest trainees to allow the telemarketing campaign to focus and build sales in these areas. 

Telemarketing success icon 475% Return on Investment
Telemarketing success icon 85 Promotional Emails Per Week
Telemarketing success icon 12 Apprentices Signed Up Per Week
Telemarketing success icon 14 Meetings Per Week
What we did
Telemarketing Experience Icon
Generated High Quality Appointments

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Raised Market Awareness

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Identified Key Decision Makers

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Sent Promotional Emails

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Filled Programme Shortfalls

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Gave Significant Return on Investment

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