Telemarketing for the Training Sector Working to Build & Grow a Customer Base

The Objective

The commercial training sector is hugely competitive and using the specialist telemarketing team at Projects gives clients a regular flow of new business opportunities. 

This training company needed to regulate their sales activities; while they were busy they had no time to sell, and so when commissions ended they had a drop in sales income. Utilising the team at Projects ensured they were always generating future sales leads, resulting in any peaks and troughs being ironed out within a few months.

The business saw the potential for growth using telemarketing in conjunction with social media and promotional emails to build a solid foundation to their business

With the Projects team booking appointments for the Directors of the business it was vital that their time wasn't wasted with poor quality meetings or with long travelling times. 

The campaign focused in a close geographic region and only booked appointments with those who had a genuine need and with a person who had the authority to make relevant decisions. 

By targeting calls to both the HR staff and those who may need training, the telemarketing team ensured every opportunity was exploited. Without needing to use pushy or aggressive sales pitches, the Projects team attracted a significant volume of new business within a couple of months. 

The Brief

With a two fold aim of both increasing business and also ironing out peaks and troughs, this client chose Projects following a detailed selection process. Primarily the Projects team was chosen because of their strong track record in the training and education sector. 

Working closely with the clients Directors, the Projects team set up a campaign to target businesses within a 50 miles radius of the head office, identifying the key decision makers in the HR function and also discussing the courses with potential end users. This dual approach ensured a much wider awareness of the brand, and gave those who may want to attend a course the option to have their employer pay or to self fund it. 

Following a successful 10 day trial campaign the client opted for a programme of 10 working days per month. This gave them a steady flow of opportunities without taking up too much of their time.

Telemarketing success icon 9 Opportunities
Telemarketing success icon 23 Future Interest
Telemarketing success icon 12 Courses Purchased
Telemarketing success icon 12 Meetings
What we did
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Targeted Appropriate Businesses

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Generated High Quality Appointments

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Reduced Sales Peaks & Troughs

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Promotional Emails

Emails sent to 46 Key Decision Makers

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Identified Key Decision Makers

83 Key Decision Makers for Future Marketing Efforts

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Future Interest

16 Companies With Training Needs Within 6 months

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