Facility Management Outsourced Telemarketing to Support Client Acquisition

The Objective

This medium sized FM business approached Projects having tried telemarketing internally but with limited success. With the wealth of experience and a team of telemarketers dedicated to the FM sector, Projects was the ideal partner to support their growth plans into new territories and sectors. 

The first element of the campaign was gathering market intelligence, identifying relevant businesses, obtaining the details on their key staff, the size and scope of their FM spend and the review and renewal dates.

Alongside the market intelligence gathering, a dedicated telemarketing team targeted the most senior staff ideally aiming at finance directors, introducing the services of the FM contractor, discussing the options of bundling contracts to save money and having a business needs based discussion about how to use FM companies in the best way. 

The building of client relationships prior to tender was an important element of the campaign, discussing any issues they are having with their incumbent company and the features and services that are most important.

The Brief

The brief given to Projects was to identify companies with an FM spend of more then £500,000 per year, and to target and identify the key decision makers, identify the contract intelligence and where contracts are reviewing or renewing to book a face to face meeting at the most senior level possible. 

Additionally it was to build a database of information regarding contract renewals, so a combined marketing effort can target prospective customers as their renewal dates approach.

Telemarketing success icon 17 Bids & Tenders
Telemarketing success icon £4.5 m Contracts Won
Telemarketing success icon 4 Customers Won
Telemarketing success icon 35 Meetings
What we did
Telemarketing Experience Icon
Generated High Quality Appointments

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Increased Brand Awareness

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Gave Excellent Return on Investment

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Research Contract Dates

Renewal & Review Dates of over 200 Business

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Key Contacts Identified

Recorded Key Decision Makers in 600 Businesses

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Developed Opportunity Pipeline

Combed the information to have a detailed opportunity map for the next 2 years

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