Funded Programmes Telemarketing Taking Government Funded Initiatives to the Business Community

The Objective

With a wealth of experience in supporting funded programmes, Projects was the ideal partner for the Manufacturing Advisory Service to choose when looking for a dynamic and success driven telemarketing company. 

Working together for almost 10 years, the Projects team developed a deep understanding of the funded sector and whether a business may be eligible for support.

Without relying on pushy sales tactics or aggressive calls, the Projects team created appointments with owners and board level staff based on conversations about their business, related problems and issues and how the MAS service may be able to help them. 

Using phrases such as "free service" wasn't needed, as the call was focused around the benefits that could be gained from a MAS advisor, rather than the cost of the service.

The Brief

The Projects telemarketing team secured face to face appointments for a team of up to 90 advisers throughout England. The calls targeted companies within the SME manufacturing sector who had plans to change, issues to solve or simply wanted a fresh pair of eyes to look over their business. 

The telemarketing team aimed to start a conversation with the business owners to identify any areas of concern rather than hit them with a sales pitch, and as such the quality of the meetings were consistently high.

With targets based on a combination of the quantity of meetings and also the quality it was paramount that the Projects team only booked appointments with relevant businesses and with contacts who were at the top of decision making tree. 

Telemarketing success icon 697 Promotional Emails per Month
Telemarketing success icon 325% Return on Investment per Month
Telemarketing success icon 2520 Companies Contacted Per Month
Telemarketing success icon 283 Meetings per Month
What we did
Telemarketing Experience Icon
Targeted SME Manufacturing Business

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Managed Diaries for 90 Advisers

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Created High Quality Appointments

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Journey Planning to Reduce Costs

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Hit and Exceeded Target Every Month

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Worked Flexibly to Meet Changing Needs

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