Precision Engineering Telemarketing New Customers in the Aerospace & Precision Sector

The Objective

A medium sized company with excellent engineering skills but limited time to dedicate to sales, approached Projects requesting support. 

Working closely with the client's Directors, the team at Projects developed a plan to identify a wish list of target companies, and set about establishing contact with the key decision makers. 

Without needing to use aggressive sales pitches, the team used their specialist engineering telemarketing skills to discuss the capabilities and prowess of the client. They discussed their needs and requirements in detail and made introduction appointments only when it was appropriate. 

With very limited time available for sales meetings, appointments were booked only with those who had a specific need, where there would be a good chance of a sale being created. 

The appointment qualification process was therefore extremely important and it was the consistently high quality of meetings that has kept the client coming back to Projects every month. 

The appointments and awareness created in the telemarketing campaign has led to a major increase in the client's turnover, additional employees, investment in new equipment and a wider and more secure client base. 

The Brief

The brief was on paper a simple one; to generate new customers from within the Aerospace and Medical Equipment Manufacturing sector. 

Creating a list of the target companies and making contact with the key decision makers, identifying any problem parts, new designs, and prototype components was the focus of the calls.The calls avoided any discussion about prices, instead paying attention to the technical skills, quality assurances and reputation of the client. 

On many occasions the prospective customers didn't need to have a face to face meeting, they were able to start the dialogue by sending CAD drawings and specifications.

Appointments were not made for general introductions, only where there was a component or problem to discuss.

Telemarketing success icon 37 Opportunities
Telemarketing success icon 15 Future Interest
Telemarketing success icon £154,500 Sales Income
Telemarketing success icon 63 Meetings & Drawings
What we did
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Appointment Booking

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Identified Future Opportunities

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Identified Target Customers

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Developed Marketing Material

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Create Call Scripts

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Sent Promotional Emails

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