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The Objective

The research and academic skills within UK Universities is world renowned and the sector brings significant benefits to the UK economy. 

However the development of new technologies and innovations is only part of the story, at some stage they need to be taken into the commercial market, either through the development of partner channels, spin off businesses or directly.

The resources at Projects allow for these options to be identified and a route to market strategy enacted. 

This particular University needed support to find a global commercial partner to take a medical device to the marketplace.

They had identified about 150 businesses that they thought would be applicable, and commissioned the team at Projects to make contact, discuss the product in general terms with one of their directors and to establish interest. 

This was a global campaign, contacting businesses throughout America and the Far East as well as Europe.

For those who expressed an interest, a video conference meeting and web demonstration was arranged for the University team to discuss technical and contractual aspects of the product. 

The Brief

The University had  spent almost 5 years developing a coronary device to assist in heart valve replacements, and it was ready to take to the market for medical testing and approval. 

They commissioned Projects to contact a global list of medical equipment manufacturing companies, and to introduce the option of forming a partnership with Commercial Directors or Vice Presidents. 

The conversations were the starting point to build the route to market, and developed a number of interested parties who entered into more technical and commercial discussions. This led to a partner arrangement and the product is undergoing medical trials in the United States.

Telemarketing success icon 150 Prospective Partners Identified
Telemarketing success icon 16 Introduction Calls Held at Director Level
Telemarketing success icon 4 Entered Into Partnership Discussions
Telemarketing success icon 250 Coffees Needed to Stay Awake Calling the Far East
What we did
Telemarketing Experience Icon
Identified Relevant contacts

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Developed Promotional Emails

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Made Introduction Calls to Senior Strategists

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Identified Potential Partners

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Arranged Further Technical Discussions

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Allowed Partnership Agreement to be made

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