University Telemarketing Introducing KTP to the Business Community

The Objective

The KTP Programme is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the academic knowledge and skills of a University with the commercial aims of businesses. The team at Projects have worked with many Universities, targeting the local business community with professional, conversation based telemarketing. The team know that there are strict funding criteria and every conversation will target the most senior staff who are leaders and strategists within their organisation. The call will establish the future plans of the company, how the company can potentially utilise the KTP Funding and only if there is a suitable project will the Projects team look to make an appointment. 

With a team who specialise in telemarketing for Universities, Projects are best placed to support any UK University with the knowledge and experience ensuring campaigns deliver excellent results. Any income generated covers the costs of the campaign and becomes a self funding initiative. 

Although KTP may be the main focus of the telemarketing campaign, the call will also introduce any other University services such as Graduate Placements, Commercial Research, Low Carbon KEEP Projects and any other programmes which may be locally, regionally or nationally delivered. 

The Brief

Projects were commissioned to enhance the KTP sign up activity, working with the University's Business Development team to co-ordinate a telemarketing campaign to introduce KTP to businesses in the local area. 

With over 5 years experience in delivering successful KTP campaigns, the Projects team worked hard to create an appropriate data sample to ensure the campaign was targeting the most relevant businesses in the region. With the data in place, the team worked with the University to develop marketing support material and design email content.  

Once these foundations were in place the live phone calls commenced, using professional staff who are confident and capable of having high level business strategy conversations. Where a company seemed to have a project for which KTP funding may be applicable, a meeting was arranged with the University Business Development team. 

Telemarketing success icon 6 Opportunities
Telemarketing success icon £47,000 Income Developed
Telemarketing success icon 2 Secured Funding
Telemarketing success icon 14 Meetings
What we did
Telemarketing Experience Icon
Generated High Quality Appointments

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Raised Awareness of the KTP Offer

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Filtered Non Applicable Projects

Telemarketing Experience Icon
Key Contacts

Established 130 Key Decision Makers

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Promotional Emails

Delivered 143 emails to key staff

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Future Interest

11 companies wanting support later in the year

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