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The Markets

Telemarketing to promote non-tangible services such as consultancy is one that requires specialist skills. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, the telemarketing team at Projects are able to work with clients to identify their target markets, acquire the relevant data and establish contact with the key strategists to introduce the services.

Most telemarketing campaigns will target the most senior staff within an organisation and these could be heading up finance, operations, sales or communications. By having detailed training sessions before a campaign starts the Projects team can promote the consultancy service in detail and handle questions and objections professionally.

Most consultancy businesses require lead generation to create a regular flow of new customers. Telemarketing options from Projects enable new sales opportunities to be regularly placed into the business. By outsourcing this lead generation function to Projects, the time of the consultants and advisors can be used most effectively, keeping them charged out to customers rather than making high volumes of cold calls.

The Projects team doesn’t need to resort to hard aggressive sales pitches; the well trained telemarketing team are able to have high level business strategy conversations with the most senior staff in any organisation.

Our Experience

Generating Appointments with the Key Strategists within organisations, those who are able to drive change and embrace new processes


With a specialist manufacturing team within Projects, they can talk to production and technical staff in their own language, rather than delivering a sales pitch


For non manufacturing clients, the team are still able to have board level discussions about the benefits an external consultancy project can bring, and the enhancements to business that can be gained


This consultancy company specialised in reducing waste, and time management improvements in the hospital and healthcare sector. They had a fantastic reputation and had delivered great results in the South East of England, but wanted help and support to grow into new areas and marketplaces.

The team at Projects worked closely to create a telemarketing strategy to contact hospitals and private healthcare providers, radiating away from their current geographic region. Approaching contacts in operational roles, finance roles and also the heads of each department, the Projects team identified the most relevant contacts and arranged meetings for the client team to introduce their services and discuss the cost savings they have generated elsewhere. 

With this sector the decision making trees are complex and finding the correct people to talk to was the most time consuming element of the campaign. The campaign generated an average of 9 appointments per block of 10 telemarketing days, and the client generated a significant return on their investment and built both their sales and reputation in new health authority locations,

Telemarketing Clients Icon 9 Meetings Booked per Month
Telemarketing Happy Icon 10 Telemarketing Days Per Month
Tememarketing Success Icon £14,500 Average Sales Value
Telemarketing Coffee Icon 732% Return on Investment
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