Telemarketing for Business Development Agencies Taking Funded Programmes Directly to the Business Community

The Markets

The promotion of funded programmes and the knowledge of the background funding bodies is paramount to the success of the telemarketing campaigns. 

Having worked with organisations such as the Business Growth Hub, the Manufacturing Advisory Service, UKTI, LEP's and historically Business Links, the Projects Team have a proven track record of delivering these campaigns that exceed target, are on time and within budget.

The telemarketing team know that promoting these schemes as free lowers their value.  The team will discuss the key benefits of the project, giving decision makers a good reason to engage and sign up to the scheme, and so the conversion rates of appointments to sign up are really high. 

With over 10 years of supporting funded campaigns there are few companies in the country who are better placed to work in this sector.

Our Experience
National Funded Programme

Working as the national telemarketing supplier to the Manufacturing Advisory Service for over 7 years, supporting a team of 60 advisors and exceeding delivery targets.

Regional Business Support

A programme to support North West Companies needed some support to help meet targets, and Projects worked for 3 months to boost the awareness and book high quaility meetings for the Advisor team.

Regional Business Growth Hubs

Supporting regional Business Growths Hubs, introducing the service to local business and creating appointments for the Hub Advisors to visit and sign up relevant companies.


With a dedicated & experienced team handling the Funded Programme telemarketing campaigns, Projects are ideally placed to add value and generate meetings to support any scheme that is part or fully funded and delivered through local funding, national funding or European funding streams.

Having a detailed knowledge of funding criteria ensures the team are only booking appointments for business who are eligible for support and no time is wasted. With the skills to support both and national projects and a proven track record of success the Projects telemarketing team are ideally placed to support any campaign. 

Telemarketing Clients Icon 183,167 Calls Made
Telemarketing Happy Icon 64.8% Programme Sign Ups
Tememarketing Success Icon 21,212 Hours Worked
Telemarketing Coffee Icon 7684 Meeting
Telemarketing for a Eurpoean Funded Programme

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