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The Markets

Manufacturing is an essential sector for the UK economy but one that has become increasingly challenging to grow and survive. With some manufacturers relying solely on repeat orders and word of mouth to generate sales it can go downhill very quickly if a few customers are lost. 

The specialist telemarketing team at Projects can talk to manufacturers in their own language and promote businesses, generating sales appointments and drawings to quote upon. 

This service will provide a regular flow of potential customers focussed on the market sectors where success is most likely. 

With a detailed product training session before the campaign starts the Projects team are then able to have a detailed discussed and identify potential opportunities. 

Some clients run campaigns each month to ensure a regular flow of leads, while others will run ad hoc ones as and when they need a sales boost.

Our Experience

Working with an Aerospace specialist Engineering Company, the Projects team created opportunities with 10 out of 14 wish list targets and business was won that led to a 25% increase in sales


A traditional manufacturing business needed to boost their sales and the Projects team generated drawings requests giving then 9 new customers and additional revenue of over £18,000.


Launching a new product range, this Midlands company asked Projects to target 500 companies to introduce the products and invite them to a launch event. The event created 13 new customers and comfortably covered the costs of the campaign


As with all of the telemarketing campaigns, those focussing on the manufacturing sector need to provide a good return on investment, and generate more sales income than they cost to run. 

With a proven track record in the sector, Projects can deliver new sales opportunities for companies of all sizes and are more than happy to make introduction calls to the largest companies in the UK if that's what required.

Every client has an individual set of requirements and different wish list targets for the Projects team to approach.

Telemarketing Clients Icon 275 Opportunities
Telemarketing Happy Icon 4757 Identified Key Contacts
Tememarketing Success Icon £895,000 Sales Created
Telemarketing Coffee Icon 325 Meetings & Drawings
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