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The Markets

Even though the team at Projects have focussed on a number of specialist areas, in the 17 years of trading the company has delivered highly successful campaigns across a diverse range of business sectors and for organisations of all sizes and locations. 

Some clients look for regular campaigns that provide a flow of new opportunities, whilst others seek and ad-hoc service to boost sales activities or to help with product launches, exhibitions or events.

In a challenging business environment, all companies need a plan to generate new customers and the telemarketing services from Projects allows a direct route to the key decision makers in the marketplace. 

Without needing to resort to pushy aggressive sales tactics the experienced telemarketing team at Projects are able to have in depth conversations, obtain useful market information and only book appointments when there is a defined an immediate need.

Our Experience
Christmas Party Organisers

Providing a short, but effective telemarketing campaign promoting Office Christmas parties to businesses in the Midlands region. An effective return on investment of 325% ensured the client was happy and returned for more campaigns.

Chauffeuring Service

A chauffeuring company wanted a short term sales boost and Projects contacted large organisations to establish their use for the service and introduce the company. Generating 6 new customers in less than 10 days, the costs of the campaigns were easily covered from the immediate orders, and ongoing contracts were secured to add to the return on investment.

Sign Maker

This Birmingham Screen Printing business wanted to approach UK taxi companies with  discounted offer on magnetic signs for the doors of private hire companies. Contacting around 300 companies generated sales giving a 280% return on their telemarketing investment.


With the focus on every telemarketing campaign being to book meetings that lead to sales, the service from Projects Marketing allows clients to focus on their key skills whilst having the confidence to know that a regular flow of high quality meetings will be booked for them. 

The Projects team have delivered campaigns in almost all sectors in the business to business marketplace and with a the ability to set up a campaign quickly and efficiently can rapidly provide a boost to any business looking to increase their client base and sales. 

Telemarketing Clients Icon 3626 Opportunities
Telemarketing Happy Icon 17,525 Identified Key Contacts
Tememarketing Success Icon 26,535 Promotional Emails Sent
Telemarketing Coffee Icon 4863 Meetings
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