Telemarketing Outsourcing for Universities Linking the Academic & Business Sectors

The Markets

With more than 7 years of experience in Telemarketing for Universities, and a dedicated team of specialists, Projects Marketing are able to deliver successful campaigns that link the Academic sector to their local Business Community. 

We are fully aware of the challenges faced by every University in the UK and how they need to commercialise and generate income from the resources they hold.

As approved suppliers with many Universities throughout the UK, Projects have a proven track record of success and case studies and references to support it.

Working with Projects will give a focussed and dedicated route directly to the key decision makers of businesses, and can either focus on specific market sectors, key specialisms of the University or just target companies within the locality.

This is not aggressive and pushy telesales with inexperienced people, it is a team of professional people who can have a conversation about business strategy and direction with the most senior personnel in a company.

Our Experience

Introducing KTP to the key strategists in relevant business & making appointments to meet them but only where there is a potential for a funded project


Initiating commercial links between the University and technology businesses with appointments for those willing to purchase Academic Skills and time


Identifying commercial partners and routes to market for University research projects


With such a diverse range of campaigns and representing Universities from the South coast to the Scottish border it is difficult to summarise the results into a few short sentences. 

However every campaign has become self funded, delivering incomes that far outweigh the costs and creating long term links between the Universities and commercial businesses. 

To see if Projects Marketing can support any project you have in mind either pick up the phone or complete the form and have an informal discussion with the team.

Telemarketing Clients Icon 2572 Opportunities
Telemarketing Happy Icon 325 KTP Appointments
Tememarketing Success Icon 15 Commercial Partnerships
Telemarketing Coffee Icon 87 Other Programme Appointments
KTP Case Study

See the results for a recent campaign for a North West University

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